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More than 700 active accounts from 11 countries have been registered in the system from the beginning of year 2013

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Audit of effectively completed routes allows to build solution prototype as “how it was and how it will be” on the basis of which planned savings model from system implementation is drawn up

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Nikita Kozhokar

The difficulty in bringing planned and actually executed routes was the main reason for searching automated solutions. Already during the given trial period, I managed to solve not only the set task but also to reduce the amount of transport used due to its more dense loading (about 20%).

Alexander Olenets

Chief expert on transport exploitation.
Raiffeisen BANK AVAL
As result of platform implementation we evaluated the use of transport in day-to-day operations. There was created the analysis and reporting system relating to completed routes. Cost calculation system of service points on collection routes allowed to implement efficient routes selection for potential customers and optimisation for existing. Following the results of optimisation of more than 900 routes that differ by purpose and direction the annual reduction of actual mileage amounted more than 500 thousand kilometers.

Maksim Zlobin

The head of business development SVKP
The key factor in system selection is auditing of actually completed routes. It is done by providing vendors actual data about exporting cargo for recalculation routes through their service. Furthermore client compares actual work of logistician (cost of exportation) with work of service. With this modelling you can have it both ways: evaluating actual work of service (calculating speed of routes, interface usability, analytics tools, etc) and receive calculation of planned economy through service on your actual data, and not some empirical decisions of interested owners.

Andrey Sedelnikov

Head of transport and warehouse logistics
Faino Group Ltd
There’s the application for organizing drivers work, that points out the way to client, shows it’s contacts and tasks execution on arrival. On seasonal or different volatilities, when the need in amount of routes changes drastically there’s ability to quickly change tariff plan (up to the phone call).
Results of implementing to our company became mileage reduction by 138 thousand kilometers in 6 months, reduction of logisticians’ operating time by 4 times, increasing time for holding planned and urgent maintenance, movement control tightening.

Alona Lysa

Head of logistics department
Lindström Ukraine
Since september 2019, ANT-Logistics system has been used in daily planning and analysing the transport service in our company. Drivers are actively using the mobile application for routes navigation. Tasks in mobile application allowed us to better organise the work of courisers with clients. Through the routes optimization the total mileage was reduced by 32 thousand kilometers.

Tatiana Kondratovich

Deputy Director of Logistics,
UVT (Ukrainian Veterinary Technology)
I am leading several regional divisions and a logistician staff. Any uncoordinated editing of information about delivery points or vehicles by one of the logisticians affects the performance of others. This service offers different levels of access. As an administrator, I determine the level of access to the service for employees, and I know for sure that without my awareness, there will be no changes made to the reference information.

Maria Olkhova

Candidate of technical sciences,
associate professor of transport systems department and logistics
in Beketov University
Since the year of 2017 “ANT-Logistics” has been implemented in educational program to train specialists for logistical industry. Students use this system in practical works and courseworks. Having received the target to actual object, they are designing routes and performing analysis of routes efficiency. The experience thus acquired with following employment allows our graduates to out-complete open job positions.

Sergey Golivets

Business manager. Smolyak LLC
On march 2019 we registered in “Ant-Logistics” and it took us one month to learn, test, set up, and starting from the second part of april we connected to the commercial package. As result, time of work by urban routes decreased twice, and mileage decreased by more than three times. Count of cars, that serve urban sale points decreased by 30%, thereby they were reallocated to regional routes. We are not experiencing any supply disruptions due to late reasons.

Yuri Laptinov

Head of transport logistics “Farmplaneta” LTD
We expressed preference for “ANT-Logistics” as the command that able to adjust the service for client. Data communication with our accounting system and our GPS-tracking provider was set up. Also, several updates were made, that allowed us to move on to the service implementation.

Irina Kravchenko

Head of Transport Logistics Department KRON
According to the results of monthly analytics, the percentage of deviation of the actual mileage from the planned one does not exceed 3%, the time of visiting the client varies with a time window of +/- 30 minutes relative to the plan, delays to the SP are minimized, the quality of client service has increased, the vehicle fleet is used rationally, taking into account the volume and weight characteristics, and the costs shipping costs reduced by 15%. We perform a plan-factor analysis of visits SP, opening hours and workload of drivers, followed by making adjustments to existing routes.

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About Company

Effective transportation management involves solving two key tasks: optimal routes calculation and control of the routes execution.

With the help of the transport logistics program, you will provide global automation of the transport system, minimize the human factor and reduce logistics costs. Automation of transport logistics includes: planning of optimal routes, monitoring of routes, full control over the expenses part, plan-fact analysis.

Calculation of delivery routes can and should be automated. Creating a route manually requires from logistician considerable time and good knowledge of the terrain. Using our solution, the formation of routes takes several minutes and does not require special skills. The logistics card used in the service provides a visual representation of the current operational situation on the routes. A simple, intuitive interface will allow any PC user to calculate delivery routes, even if previously he did not have experience in similar programs. The program is easily integrated with the customer's accounting systems. The provided API will allow you to calculate the optimal routes and generate results directly in your accounting systems.Automation of transport logistics is relevant for logistics, freight forwarding, courier, postal companies, and irreplaceable for online stores.