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We will configure the cloud-based transport management system based on your business

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Last-mile logistics – effective planning and route building for your deliveries

Even before vehicle departure, you will know the following:


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This system automatically distributes orders between vehicles and calculates routes based on over 60 parameters.

After the first few months, you will receive

Total vehicle mileage

Delivery points served for the same time

Transport cost

The time required by the logistics expert to build routes

4 system modules
  • Planning
  • Control
  • Mobile commerce
  • Analytics
  • Calculate delivery routes
  • Regard to time intervals

The system warns the logistics expert of possible delays in delivery points, drivers’ overtime and vehicle overload.

  • GPS monitoring
  • Plan/actual indicators

Real-time tracking of drivers’ compliance with speed limits and their sticking to planned routes.

  • Orders, balances, debts
  • Tasks, photo reports

All information on products: cost, layout conformance, photos Location of advertising materials, orders, sales volumes, clearing payments, prices, and promotions

  • Interactive panels
  • Own records

Statistics on the quality of customer service, drivers’ exceeding planned mileage, profitability of routes and delivery points.

System advantages

Data are stored on secure Microsoft Azure servers.
High availability.

Use of technologies

Unique mathematical algorithms allow building routes taking into account specified restrictions.


Access to system features from anywhere on the planet from a PC connected to the Internet.


No purchases, software maintenance, or server equipment. Flexible rates.

Mobile app

Android, iOS. Shows the route to destinations and their order. Drivers can build their own routes.


With multiple settings and features, you can set the system to suit any business type.

GPS monitoring

Vehicles can be tracked using installed GPS trackers or cell phones.


The system upgrades automatically providing users with access to all new features.

8 years on the market
> 700 customers

pharmaceutics Pharmaceuticals
cheese Product family
fried-egg Food
fish Perishable foods
piston Spare car parts
Online stores
sun-hat Clothing and footwear
idea Appliances
hammer Construction materials
armchair Furniture and interior
football-ball Children products
Other sectors
window Reinforced plastic window manufacturers
garbage-bag Household waste disposal
money-bag Servicing banks
water Water delivery
bread Bread delivery
Nikita Kozhokar
Analytical Logistics Expert KIVIT-PLIUS

Difficulties in aligning planned and actual routes resulted in our search for automated solutions. Even during the trial period, I managed to achieve my objective and also reduce the number of vehicles used through denser loading (by approximately 20%).

Aleksandr Olenets
Chief Motor Vehicle Maintenance Expert at Raiffeisen BANK AVAL

Once we implemented the platform, we could objectively assess the use of motor vehicles in our daily activities. We managed to build a system of analysis and reporting for completed routes. The system of accounting cost of maintenance points along encashment routes allowed selecting effective routes for our potential customers and optimizing routes for existing customers. Following the optimization of over 900 routes differing by destinations and directions, the actual mileage was reduced by more than 500 thousand kilometers.

Vitalii Hrynyshak
Deputy Head of Logistics Development STV group

During our work with TMS ANT-Logistics, we have identified the following advantages of the system:
1. Reliability. For two years of operation, TMS has worked without a single glitch. And the use of GPS trackers allows you to form routes without taking into account the Internet coverage.
2. Large analytical functionality allows you to generate reports in any context (cost per kilometer, cost per kilogram, cost of volume), as well as analyze various indicators of individual branches.
3. Technical support. STV Group received a dedicated specialist who was constantly in touch and and helped to resolve any issues arising when working with TMS.

Maksim Zlobin
Business Development Manager Simferopol Wine and Cognac Plant

When selecting a system, audit of actually used routes serves as a key factor. This is possible by providing the implementation company with initial (actual) data on goods clearing to readjust routes using their service. Then the actual results achieved by your logistics specialists (clearing costs) are compared with the service results. Such simulation lets you kill two birds: asses actual performance of the service (route calculation speed, interface user-friendliness, analytics tools, etc.) and calculate estimated savings resulting from service implementation based on your actual data rather than empirical conclusions of the implementing company.

Andrey Sedelnykov
Transport and Warehouse Logistics Manager FAINO GROUP

The driver uses a mobile app that displays routes leading to customers, customer contact data, and tasks to complete upon arrival. During seasonal or other fluctuations when the demand for route building changes drastically, you can always switch to another plan promptly (even by a simple phone call). In our company, the implementation of this system resulted in reduced mileage by 138 thousand kilometers in 6 months, 4 times less working hours for logistics experts, more time for scheduled and urgent repairs, stricter control over vehicle movement.

Alena Lysa
Logistics Department Manager Lindström, Ukraine

We have been using ANT-Logistics daily since September 2019 for planning and analysis of the company’s transport service. Drivers are actively using the mobile app to navigate routes. Tasks in the mobile app allowed for better-organized interaction between couriers and customers. Using route optimization, we managed to reduce the total mileage by 32 thousand kilometers.

Tatiana Kondratovich
Deputy Logistics Manager, Ukrainian Veterinary Technologies

I am managing several regional units and logistics staff. Any inconsistent editing of the information on delivery points or vehicles by one of the logistics experts affects the performance of other specialists. This service offers various access levels. As an administrator, I authorize access to the service for employees, and I am confident that no edits will be made to the reference information without my knowledge.

Maria Olkhova
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Department of Transport Systems and Logistics at O.M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy

Ant-Logistics has been implemented in the curriculum for training logistics specialists since 2017. Students use this system in their practical and course papers. After receiving a task for an actual object, they build routes and analyze their efficiency. Such practical experience lets our graduates be on the top of the competition for vacancies at the time of employment.

Serhey Golivets
Commercial Director Individual Entrepreneur Smoliak

In June 2019, we signed up for Ant-Logistics. It took us about a month to explore, test, and configure it, and starting in late April, we signed up for a commercial package. This resulted in reduced time on city routes by half and mileage - by more than three times. The number of vehicles on delivery points within the city dropped by 30% leading to their reassignment to regional routes. We no longer have cases of disrupted deliveries due to delays.

Yuriy Laptinov
Transport Logistics Director Farmplaneta

We selected Ant-Logistics as a team that can adapt its service to the customer. They configured data exchange with our accounting system and GPS monitoring provider for us. In addition, required system modifications were made that allowed us to proceed with the implementation of this service.

Irina Kravchenko
Head of Transport Logistics Department KRON

According to monthly analytics, deviations of actual mileage from the planned one do not exceed 3%, the time of the visit to the customer ranges in the limits of +/- 30 minutes relative to the plan, late arrivals to retail outlets are minimized, the quality of customer service improved, our vehicle fleet is used rationally and with due account for weight and dimensional characteristics, and delivery cost reduced by 15%. We conduct a plan/actual analysis of arrivals at retail outlets, driver work hours and workload with subsequent corrections to existing routes.

How does it work?

Free audit

Audit of actually completed routes will allow building a prototype solution in the “before/after” format which will be used to create a model of estimated savings from the system implementation.

Route audit is completed by Ant-Logistics experts and provided to the customer at no charge.


How much is it?

$ 20 month
  • Up to 5 vehicle/route
  • Up to 50 destinations on the route
  • Mobile app
  • File import/export
  • GPS tracking*
  • Integrations: CRM, SMS*
  • API for data exchange*
  • Traffic forecast
  • Online support
$ 20 month
  • From 6 vehicle/route
  • Unlimited destinations on the route
  • Mobile app
  • File import/export
  • GPS tracking
  • Integrations: CRM, SMS
  • API for data exchange
  • Traffic forecast
  • Online support
$ 35 month
  • From 6 vehicle/route
  • Unlimited destinations on the route
  • Mobile app
  • File import/export
  • GPS tracking
  • Integrations: CRM, SMS
  • API for data exchange
  • Traffic forecast
  • Power BI Analytics
  • Temperature control
  • Events and alerts
  • Delivery control
  • Priority for improvements
  • Personalized support
  • All functionalities of the Advanced package
  • Customized plan
  • Personalized support
*These options can be connected at an additional cost

Confident in your abilities and want to try it yourself?

Complete four simple steps

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Sign up

Specify the following data during registration:

  • Name
    How should we call you
  • E-mail
    Will be used as a login
  • Password
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  • Telephone
    To get help during set up

We guarantee the security of your personal data and no spam. You will only receive 4 introductory letters.


Enter data on the warehouse and vehicles

Specify the name and address of the warehouse where vehicles will depart from. Enter information on vehicles.

  • Name
  • Capacity
  • Type
  • Average speed
  • Working hours

Later, the system will allow adding more than 20 restrictions for warehouses and vehicles which will be taken into account during route building.


Import addresses

Import delivery points in an Excel file and specify the following information for each of them.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Delivery time
  • Unloading time
  • Delivery volume
  • Order number

The system allows entering over 40 various types of data for each delivery point. They will be taken into account during route building and displayed in the courier’s mobile app.


Calculate routes

Select delivery points and calculate the first routes. The system will automatically determine the number of vehicles for delivery. You can make the following changes in the resulting routes:

  • Change the order of delivery points
  • Add or delete addresses
  • Move delivery points from one route to another
  • Change departure date and time
  • Assign another vehicle

All in all, more than 20 parameters can be changed in the editor. The resulting routes will display on the map, you can also animate routes or generate itineraries.


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