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Planning of sales agents work will increase their productivity and quality of performed work


  • Points representation on the map, zoning​
  • Calculation of points visit schedule
  • Task setting for sales agents
  • Routes for sales representatives
  • Tasks in sales points
  • Collecting orders in sales points
  • Agents monitoring with GPS;
  • Tasks accomplishment control
  • Plan-fact analysis
  • Business analytics Power BI

Points representation on the map, zoning

All sales points will be visually represented on the map, which will allow you to divide the service area into districts and assign to each of them a sales representative. As a result, the supervisor will not lose sight of points, and the sales agents will work more effectively.

Calculation of points visit schedule

Calculate the schedule in advance to 1 month setting the days and frequency of visits individually for each point. For example, one point should be visited 2 times in month, other on Mondays, the third on Tuesdays and Fridays.
On the right day, you will see a list of points with scheduled visits.

The work of the functionality Schedule is described step by step in the article Routes for a month ahead. We plan sales agents work

Task setting for sales agents

Form tasks for sales representatives for each point. An agent can take a photo of a show-window, sign, enter an amount, specify the date of the next visit and other.
Tasks can be of 3 priorities: normal, low and high. Number of tasks is not limited.

The Functionality of the Task is described in the article
Mobile application - add tasks to couriers

Routes for sales representatives

Based on the formed schedule you can form routes for sales agents for the coming day. If necessary, add to the routes new points that have not yet been added to the schedule. Each agent will receive on his mobile device his route, with a list and order of visits to points, and the list of tasks to implementation.

Tasks in sales points

Being in the sales point, the agent sees a list of all tasks that need to be performed at the point, with all priorities and given categories. If necessary, the agent can make notes on the point in various formats, including a photo and a signature. All completed tasks are marked with a status Done and quickly transferred to the server for further processing.

Collecting orders in sales points

Order formation with the indication of the amount, balances and refund is available for an agent. All information within a few minutes is transferred to the server and further to the accounting system for subsequent selection and delivery. The agent has access to orders for each point, which allows him to use them as templates for creating new orders and thereby reducing the maintenance time of one point.

Agents monitoring with GPS

Track the location of your sales representatives with GPS in real time. Any minute you can see, where the agent is, which points he has already visited and which he has yet to visit. If necessary, you can add a task to an agent for a point not yet visited and he will see it in the list of tasks.

Tasks accomplishment control

All the information about the completed tasks operatively transferred to the management service. Status of the tasks accomplishment and their data can be monitored in analytical reports. In case of non-fulfillment of the task, the information is also displayed in the report from the supervisor.

Plan-fact analysis

The actual routes transmitted to the service control will show you which points were visited by an agent, and which are not. The report will show the actual visit time points and time spent on their maintenance. The total time of the route will show how much the agent is actually loaded. Comparing the actual figures with the plan you will easily find weaknesses in the agents' work. Find out the reasons and eliminate them.

Business analytics Power BI

Create dynamic information panels and track them with quality of sales agents work. Separate reports by access level with the ability to read and edit. The program for the sales agent will allow you make the right decisions based on presented data, wherever you are.

How much does it cost?


  • 1 agent in month
  • Orders, leftovers, acc.receivable
  • Tasks, photo reports
  • Data exchange with the accounting system
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  • 1 agent in month
  • Geo-zoning, schedule
  • Agent routing
  • GPS monitoring
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